Mini Moon | Asheville, NC

As some of you know, I recently married my best friend back in February. We had quite the party (see more photos here by my dear friends Kira & Hailey) and we decided to opt out of the traditional honeymoon in order to party even more with out-of-town friends and family from California. I'm glad we did because it allowed us to really look forward to a smaller, more intimate minimoon. See, Cliff loves the great outdoors and would sleep under the open skies, I however am more of a cabin or hotel kind of girl, so our minimoon was naturally an even combo of both! We started off the trip with some antiquing, art and of course a trip to the Asheville Botanical Garden while we stayed at my extended

Asterisk Answers | 3 Ways To Prepare For Your Family Session

As I said in my last blog post, I'm SUPER excited about fall because fall = family sessions!! I love hanging out with my families!! Whether at a favorite park or snuggled up in their home I enjoy getting the opportunity to step into their lives for just a brief moment and capture their family, their culture, and their life. I get asked pretty often what are some of the best ways to prepare for a family session because, let's be real, it's intimidating and for some it's just unknown waters! I'm a photographer and still get nervous before getting my photo taken. Here are 3 tips that are great ways to prep for your family session this season and hopefully help you feel more comfortable and conf

Millard Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

Fall is coming, people! Of course, fall means lots of things - cooler weather, leaves changing color, holidays and my favorite: family sessions I love hanging out with families for fun family shoots, whether at a favorite park or in home I'm excited for all the families I get to hang out with this fall like the Millards. I like to call Darcy “supermom”. A mom of 3 boys under 4!! The twins went through quite a lot to be earth side with us and I'm so glad they're happy, healthy and very active boys. Daniel & Darcy do an INCREDIBLE job raising their tribe and I love any opportunity that I get to be part of serving this gorgeous family. It's been such a blessing to watch this family grow and d

5 Hot Wedding Trends | Guest Post

Excited to have Wendy from Azazie guest blog about some of the top 5 wedding trends this year. Also - enjoy this sneak peek into Christine & Michael's GORGEOUS Tate House wedding!! Hottest Wedding Trends For 2017 The past few years have leaned toward the super-elegant and formal wedding. Colors have balanced between traditional pastels and sleek black and navy blue. But the bride of 2017 is ready to shake things up a bit. Bridesmaids dresses Let’s begin with the bridesmaid’s dresses. This year strapless is the way to go. Beautiful metallic colors are making a statement from steel blue and gray to gold and silver. The bride who wants an ultra-trendy wedding while staying on the side of unders

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