Asterisk Answers | Mini Session vs. Lifestyle Session

Hey guys, Asterisk Answers here again! Spring is right around the corner and it's our 2nd busiest season for family sessions, probably because the colors are hard to beat with all the things blooming and the weather is so beautiful! It's like fall but with more vibrant, bright colors!! During this season I get asked what I offer pricing wise for family photos. I offer 2 packages, 1 is a mini session and the other is a lifestyle session. The main difference being the shoot time, the mini is only 30 minutes and the lifestyle session is 1.5 hrs of shoot time. That's a solid hour difference. Below I list 3 points to think of when choosing between the two. 1) What's your purpose in getting photo

Newton Family | Lifestyle Home Session | Atlanta Family Photographer

I love home sessions for many reasons, but the main reason is that you get to be in your comfortable space with the people you love and I think that's a perfect combo for some authentic moments to be caught on camera. The Newton family were a blast to hang out with! A home session was the perfect fit for them, it had just snowed so getting to cozy up on the couch made for some great memories / photos. Enjoy!

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