The Price Den | Easter

Easter was super special for us this year since we were able to host it at #ThePriceDen! It was so fun cramming 14+ people in our tiny house, but praise the Lord it was a beautiful day so we were able to spill outside. I just grabbed my little 35mm camera and started shooting! My favorite part of the day: all the kiddies. Can't wait for our little babe to join in on the fun next year! Scans by The FIND Lab on Kodak Portra 400

Asterisk Answers | What To Wear To Your Engagement Session

You're engaged and you've found your dream photographer! Your date is set for an engagement session just in time to send out your Save The Dates, you're killing this whole planning thing... then you remember.. you have no idea what to wear to your session and you need some guidance! What colors to wear? Pattern or solid? Overalls or a jumpsuit?? (Jk on that last one... unless they're super cute overalls!) Here's 3 rules to follow as you navigate through your closet and Amazon. Remember, once you know the rules you're allowed to break them when needed ;) #1 - Don't Pattern Clash This is a classic rule which you probably already know! In fact you follow this rule religiously so we won't spend

Christine & Michael | The Tate House | North Georgia Wedding Photographer

Yesterday was Easter, which I hope you all enjoyed alongside friends and family! We hosted Easter for the first time at #ThePriceDen and even though it was pretty jam-packed, it was a wonderful time!! We love having a home where we can host special occasions. Yesterday was also Christine & Michael Brazeal's 1-year anniversary. Not sure if you remember seeing on our Instagram that wedding we did in front of a gorgeous pink mansion?! Well, it's finally time to share all the images with you all in celebration of their 1 year! Their wedding was full of gorgeous details and overflowing with love, not only toward each other but toward their families and friends who were there to support them. This

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