Claudette & Bryant Engaged | Westside Provisions District

I first met Claudette back when she and her sister started up the most adorable and fashionable clothing shop (which is still running by the way, check out their Instagram!)! It was a few years back, and I remember it being a BLAST seeing these 2 sisters so passionate about their work!

Now fast forward, Claudette approaches me about an engagement session... AHHH I had all the feelings!!! And then when she told me WHERE, I was sold!! Some of you may now (if you follow along on our Insta) that Westside Provisions District is where I got engaged! So of course, it has a super special place in my heart!! All of this to say -- photographing Claudette & Bryant was a blast!! Also, they made my job pretty easy!

One of my favorite parts of the shoot is when we went to Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, this is one their favorites and I love any chance to throw in some real, lifestyle moments in there.

Enough talking, enjoy scrolling through this fashionable, adorable couple ;)

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