The Meaning Behind The Name 'Asterisk'

So today I'm going to break down the meaning of my business name: Asterisk Photography. I want to share with you guys what it means and why I chose to use it as the banner of my business.

When I started my business, I wanted to be different (story of my life) and that meant naming it something unique, something that no one else did. I didn't want to use my name because Angelina Gonzales Photography was a mouthful! As usual, I sought my mom for wisdom and she gave it! She reminded me of people in my life that I looked up to and she challenged me to observe what they did. That thought process brought me to my dear friend and fellow photographer, Sarah Bradshaw (then Sarah Danaher). She named her business Ampersand (at the time) and I loved how different it was, yet how meaningful that name was to her. Also- I was (still am) a huge fan of Sarah. She never did anything without thought and intention. She was a major role model to me, personally and professionally.

Alas, me and mom began to explore punctuation.. I tried toying with the idea of the Exclamation Point (!! can you imagine that!?), of course Question Mark was out of the question... hehe get it?! Period was boring (sorry dude) and Comma didn't really draw me in... (lol!)!

But when I stumbled upon Asterisk, it instantly struck me. It was different, I loved the way it was spelled and it started with A which was a bonus since that's my initial. So we researched it! (yes, we. My mother was a crucial part of the beginning of my business, but that's a whole other blog post! Or book). There seemed to be a theme of it being a symbol to reference people to something else, ya know, like at the bottom of the page. We all know the function of an Asterisk although we may not know the actual name of it. When I discovered its meaning along with its natural design of a simple star.. I felt like I hit the jackpot! I realized that it meant something deeper to me -- basically, it seemed to represent my life theme: living for the glory of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Living my life for His glory.

Then. BOOM. I realized, my business name HAD to be Asterisk. I put it together .. my life is a reference to something much greater: Eternity. My mom always encouraged us to have a verse to be the guide or the theme for anything we did in our lives (I'm talking parties, clubs, names! Anything!), so I searched the scripture and found Titus 2:11-14, these verses seemed to fit my life goal pretty well: to look forward to eternity, to the coming of my Lord, to be a footnote to something greater: Him (deep stuff I know!!!).

Now back to business.

Asterisk seemed to apply pretty well to my photography goal as well - to be a photographer that didn't try to be the center of attention, but rather to be an outstanding business-woman by being a footnote, a reference TO my client, their event, their real-life moments or their family's needs. Putting their needs above my own.

At first it took some getting used to, Asterisk Photography. It seemed kinda awkward or weird, but wow, over time I've begun to love it! My business has grown so well into that name. Also - it's a major plus because when I got married I didn't have to worry about changing my business name and brand (I'm just too lazy for that!). So there you have it, the humble (and somewhat silly) beginning of Asterisk Photography.

Me, my mom and sister Anntonette - they're the real brains behind Asterisk ;)