Happy Birthday Husband | Personal

This week was my husband's birthday. Wow. I get to say 'husband' now and I love it :) Being a wedding photographer and a recent bride has been super fun, it gives me lots of insight into my brides! Like, now I finally get the excitement and the whole countdown to the wedding date - it's SO fun!!

Even more than the whole engaged season, being married is AWESOME, I love getting to share life with my best friend! Our friendship seems to grow everyday as we learn more about each other.

So, happy birthday Bear (my silly nickname for him!), thank you for choosing me each day and showing me what love looks like even in the smallest way, like taking out the trash!! I love you and hope to share many more birthdays with you.

Your forever bride,


Agh. Okay. The gushiness is over ;)

Cliff is quite the horticulturist and I so enjoy watching him grow and cultivate such pretty things!!

Also - he's quite the stud ;)

Gorgeous photo by Leah of Leah Beth Photography