Friday Night | Personal

Hey all, I’m about to grace you with some personal work! Oooohh :) Hope you don’t mind!

So, this past Friday I was solo, that is, the husband was out on a guys night and my sister was doing her own thang! So instead of spending a perfectly good Friday night IN, I decided to hang out with my family instead, and I am oh-so-glad I did! You see, I just watched Amy & Jordan Demos’ FREE webinar with some posing tips! I’ve been doing photography for almost 7 years (maybe more? I can’t remember <insert crying emoji> ) and it’s always good for me to rethink and S L O W down when I’m posing, also - I’ve learned that I can always keep learning, no matter how good I may think I am! So, I watched the webinar (it was SO good!!) and I decided to practice some of those tricks on my family, as I was shooting I realized that I already do these posing tricks I just didn’t know it! But I enjoyed the opportunity to exercise and refresh my mind with posing .. also -- my fam is just TOO adorable, so they made it pretty Fun! Of course after all that work ;) We headed to Burger Fi, check them out, they’re SO yummy!

In case you’re confused by the family dynamic.. The young pretty one that looks just like me, is my MOM (yes, I know… CRAZY)! She is photographed with her husband (my step dad) of 12 YEARS!!!! They just hit that digit on Mother’s Day (woohoo!) and the 2 baby cuties are their children / my siblings. Can I say AGE GAP!? Exactly 24 years difference between me and my baby brother. If you follow me on my personal Instagram at all you’d see their cute faces often ;)

Enough chat, check out my cute fam!

This image should be an outtake.. but it's just too good to take out!!!! Baby boy LOVES his mommy!

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