Flordeliza | Ponce City Market

Last Summer I interned for a local leather-making company called Flordeliza. Unfortunately, it didn't last long, little did I know that I'd be in my biggest year yet as a photographer and that my time would not be as available as I had anticipated. Nonetheless, this was such an amazing opportunity! Not only did I get to see the heart and soul behind this makers brand, but I also formed so many cherished friendships along the way. One of those being the owner of this amazing company, Carl ( you'll see his photo near the end of the roll). His passion for people and his community is inspiring and contagious. He's also deeply loved by so many, it was cool to witness his community rally around him!

I'm glad I took the time to shoot this roll of Acros 100 while Carls studio was still at Citizen Supply in Ponce City Market. These are some of my favorite images to date.

Be sure to visit his site: http://www.flordelizabrand.com/ he's having quite the Spring-cleaning sale!

Shot with my Pentax 645n | Acros 100 | Scans by Dunwoody Photo