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Have you ever wondered if you should use your wedding photographer to take your engagement photos? Here’s 3 reasons why we think YES!

Hey friends!

I do hope you guys are enjoying your summer thus far! It’s been deliciously balmy (and humid) and the days keep flying by down here in the sultry South. But I must say it does feel good to have the sun on my face so I won't complain about the heat. It's certainly a lovely time of year for a greenery-filled engagement session if you can stand just a little "glisten."

Speaking of engagements, I was recently asked why we include a free engagement session with our wedding packages, and I must say, what a fantastic question! Below are 3 reasons why our team at Asterisk thinks it’s so important to shoot an engagement session, which is why with our personal wedding packages we include a complimentary (that means F R E E) engagement session (excluding our elopement package.)

If you’re in the market for...

1 - Consistency

Having the same photographer for both your engagement and The Big Day helps create a seamless and consistent look to your wedding day style. Everybody loves it when things match, so it’s wonderful when you can use images from your engagement for your Save-The-Date or guest book. Not to mention, it keeps everything tied together quite nicely when you choose to post engagement pictures alongside your wedding pictures on social media. Also, more often than not, you’re hiring your wedding photographer because their style vibes with yours, so why not keep things simple?

2- Relationship

We are in this business for YOU. This is the most important reason for us!! YOU are why we do what we do. Getting that face time in with your photographer before your actual wedding day is a huge advantage: not only does it allow us to communicate and get to know you both personally, but with camera-in-hand, it gives us an opportunity to learn how you photograph, that way we can learn which poses work best. Also it helps us get to know you 2 as a couple! Learning how you interact with each other equips us to better serve you.

3- Trust

It’s tremendously beneficial to be able to build trust in that protected, un-rushed engagement session time. It’s like a hang out sesh, getting to know each other all while learning poses and how your photographer does her magic. It allows her to get to know you and your hunny in a casual setting. We promise there won’t be a timeline crunch or that wedding-day pressure! It’ll just be some good ole’ fun.

These are the reasons why we include an engagement with our packages - in the event that our client has already had an engagement session done, either by a friend or family member, we still include a session even if it’s just a mini version to get that valuable, relationship-building time in.

I do hope that this was helpful to you guys! Please feel free to email us with any questions. As always, our team at Asterisk are here for you, a footnote to something greater in your life*.

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