Millard Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

Fall is coming, people! Of course, fall means lots of things - cooler weather, leaves changing color, holidays and my favorite:

family sessions

I love hanging out with families for fun family shoots, whether at a favorite park or in home I'm excited for all the families I get to hang out with this fall like the Millards.

I like to call Darcy “supermom”. A mom of 3 boys under 4!!

The twins went through quite a lot to be earth side with us and I'm so glad they're happy, healthy and very active boys.

Daniel & Darcy do an INCREDIBLE job raising their tribe and I love any opportunity that I get to be part of serving this gorgeous family. It's been such a blessing to watch this family grow and develop. See you this fall Millards!

Now, enjoy our session from Spring that shows just how awesome and fun this fam is!