Asterisk Answers | 3 Ways To Prepare For Your Family Session

As I said in my last blog post, I'm SUPER excited about fall because

fall = family sessions!! I love hanging out with my families!! Whether at a favorite park or snuggled up in their home I enjoy getting the opportunity to step into their lives for just a brief moment and capture their family, their culture, and their life.

I get asked pretty often what are some of the best ways to prepare for a family session because, let's be real, it's intimidating and for some it's just unknown waters! I'm a photographer and still get nervous before getting my photo taken.

Here are 3 tips that are great ways to prep for your family session this season and hopefully help you feel more comfortable and confident on your next shoot!

1) Mom - Wear that Outfit You KNOW You Look Killer in

I always like to encourage my moms to pick that outfit that they KNOW they look like a BILLION bucks in and then build the rest of the family's outfits around hers. Mom is the core, am I right?! When mom looks good, everyone looks good. And most importantly how mom FEELS will shine through the images.

Confidence accentuates the beauty that is already there.

2) Be Prepared to Let the Kids BE KIDS

Kids can be cray, I KNOW. I have 2 baby siblings that are perfect, except when photo time comes around. Then they become not-so-perfect. I'm just recently learning that when I let the kids just be kids, those moments end up being the best photos because they're happy and when the kids are happy, the photo spills over with authenticity and joy. Plus, I get to capture who they really are, which leads perfectly into #3...

3) Be Natural

I know. This is a tough one, especially when there is a camera in your space! But isn't this why we hire photographers to begin with?? We want to remember the moments and milestones as they were: REAL. We want our families documented. We want to remember all the little things that we LOVE about our lives. We don't love the super posed moments or the fake smiles... We crave R E A L - L I F E. Being natural and having fun at your session guarantees photos that you'll LOVE later and remember forever.