Mini Moon | Asheville, NC

As some of you know, I recently married my best friend back in February. We had quite the party (see more photos here by my dear friends Kira & Hailey) and we decided to opt out of the traditional honeymoon in order to party even more with out-of-town friends and family from California. I'm glad we did because it allowed us to really look forward to a smaller, more intimate minimoon. See, Cliff loves the great outdoors and would sleep under the open skies, I however am more of a cabin or hotel kind of girl, so our minimoon was naturally an even combo of both! We started off the trip with some antiquing, art and of course a trip to the Asheville Botanical Garden while we stayed at my extended family's cabin and the second half was a bit more rugged, but just as fun! We camped out (in the car - talk about a compromise, thanks babe!) and then hiked up Mount Mitchell. Here are the photos to prove it ;) Enjoy!

p.s - Beware of all the yummy food photos!

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