2017 Year Review

Hey guys,

Happy New Year! Hope you had an amazing holiday season and are kicking the new year off with some awesome goals and intentions.

Every year I try to do a review, key word: t-r-y. I stopped doing them because I never made the time to go through my photos to pick my faves. This year however I did make the time! I chose 1-2 photos from each shoot I did this past year which falls in 1 of the 4 categories:

Weddings Family Couples Editorial (basically.. doesn't fit into the 3 categories above)

While picking out these photos I was so blown away and humbled that I got to be part of so many peoples lives! My conclusion: God is good and a grateful attitude goes a long way.

It's so easy to fall into negative thinking like.. "I'm not busy enough" or "I'm not as awesome as this other photographer" or "I wish I had more clients!" I've learned that these are lies that I believe way too easily mainly due to an ungrateful attitude. But, this 2017 Year Review is quite humbling and reminds me that it doesn't matter how many clients I have, I need to be oh-so-grateful for the lives that I've had the honor of being part of. All that to say, THANK YOU clients. To you who have trusted your precious moments with me, I'm so honored, humbled and grateful.

Without further ado. Enjoy!

(PS- There are a LOT of photos!!)





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