Asterisk Answers | 3 Tips For Newly Engaged Couples

I just got married last year and I totally remember how fun and exciting this season is but I also remember how much work it is planning (what seems like) the biggest event of your year. Whether you hire a planner or not, you're still doing a lot of brainstorming, vendor-searching and constant correspondence with loads of people! We wanted to give you guys some tips on staying sane and making this an efficient and stress-free season of the most exciting time of your life!

1. Relax

Yes, you've got a fun, busy season ahead! But take a minute or two each day to R E L A X. Whether that means taking a quick walk (or run) outside, doing a round of yoga or just sitting still while drinking your favorite hot drink. The only way you'll enjoy this season is to be calm so you can appreciate all the good feels. You know what will work best for you, so why not try it out?

2. Make Your 'Top 3' List

You will be making plenty of lists during this season if you're not already! But have you made your Top 3 List yet? This would be the top 3 things that need to (and can be) done immediately, for example: - Schedule a dress appointment at your favorite boutique - Pick your bridesmaids - Organize finances Of course these are just examples but these Top 3 need to be doable and productive items. Having a smaller to-do list can leave more room for actually getting things done vs. feeling overwhelmed and getting nothing done. What are 3 items you could list?

3. Have a Date Night!

Remember, you're engaged to be married to the love of your life! Celebrate that and each other. Planning a simple (or extravagant) date night is just what you need during this busy season to remember why you're going through all these late-nights, long lists and endless planning sessions! Pick a night either this week or next, grab your fiance, turn your phones off and just ENJOY each other. I promise, you won't regret it!


By The Way....

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