Asterisk Answers | What To Wear To Your Engagement Session

You're engaged and you've found your dream photographer! Your date is set for an engagement session just in time to send out your Save The Dates, you're killing this whole planning thing... then you remember.. you have no idea what to wear to your session and you need some guidance! What colors to wear? Pattern or solid? Overalls or a jumpsuit?? (Jk on that last one... unless they're super cute overalls!)

Here's 3 rules to follow as you navigate through your closet and Amazon. Remember, once you know the rules you're allowed to break them when needed ;)

#1 - Don't Pattern Clash

This is a classic rule which you probably already know! In fact you follow this rule religiously so we won't spend a ton of time on this one. However if one of you wants to wear a pattern, go for it! Just make sure the other is wearing a complimenting solid color to go with it.

(color wheel below for a visual of what a complementing color would be. ie. the color across from it!)

#2 - Bring 1 Fancy Look + 1 Casual

You and your photographer are more than likely hitting up 2 different locations. When we do our engagement sessions we encourage 2 different outfits, 1 fancy and 1 more casual, this helps mix things up and usually can go well with the 2 locations you chose. Having variety also helps you have more to choose from when it comes to making a guest book, or printing out your save the dates!

#3 - Wear Your Favorite Outfit First

Typically we spend more time on the first outfit, we're all getting comfortable with each other, you guys are getting used to a camera in your face so we take a little extra time on that first outfit. By the second outfit you're pros and we don't spend quite as much time on that outfit. Since we usually shoot right before the sun sets, by the second outfit we end right on time before it gets dark!

#4 - Bring the kids and dogs!

Your engagement session is a time to have fun and for your photographer to get to know you. What better way to do that than to bring your babies (if you have them) including your pups! As some of you may know, I LOVE my puppy (he's not a puppy, he's like 4 but he'll always be my baby) and I couldn't imagine taking photos without him! Just be sure to plan accordingly; bring dog treats and/or snacks for the kids to keep them happy and also think about bringing a friend or family member to be on kid or dog duty, that way you 2 aren't having to worry about them when you're doing photos without them. Either way, you'll love that you brought them, I guarantee it!

#5 - Relax and have fun

This is the most important point! Confidence shows through your photos like wow, but joy and the real you is what makes these photos set-apart, perfect for your celebration. The more relaxed you guys are, the easier the posing is, the more fun you'll have. Also, being the real you allows your photographer to truly get to know you guys and that helps your photographer do their job even better! So have fun, relax, and trust that your photographer is creating some gorgeous, timeless photos for you and your new family!