The Price Den | Living Room

Well, this is the first official blog post about The Price Den. Our house is a small (1040 sq. ft) 3BR/2BA ranch that sits on half an acre just outside of Atlanta. It's tiny, but just the right size for us. We (mainly Cliff) did a lot of work to this tiny house with his own 2 hands; he ripped out the carpet and put in new laminate, he completely gutted the kitchen and re-installed my dream space, but most importantly he fixed some major sub-flooring issues that will save us lots of $$ in the future. It's still a work in a progress, there will always be a 'honey-do' list, but it's home now. Our home. A space for Cliff and I, our pup and our dear Baby Price coming in just 7 weeks.

I wanted to give you guys a tour of the house, room by room. First up, the living room! The cinder-block shelves were made by Cliff as were the shelves holding small pictures against the wall above the couch. We have lots of raw wood, cinder-blocks, gardening books and plants in our house but I'm not mad about it ;)

Baskets hanging on wall: Accent Decor Art by: Christie Macey, Mary Rose Dykstra, Lyndrid Patterson & Lachlan and Lenny.


Kodak Portra 400 | The FIND Lab | Pentax 645n