Vendor Love | Christie Macey Art

Hey guys, I'm excited to start a new series based on some vendors or artists that I've worked with in the past. My goal in highlighting these guys is to spread the love and shed light on the insanely good talent right here in Atlanta! First up, Christie Macey of Christie Macey Art.

What do you do?

I am an artist, a painter, specializing in children portraiture and moments of motherhood as well as the beauty of nature. My style is a modern take on vintage aesthetics. I strive to create timeless pieces that are both strong and grounded, yet feminine and tender.

What drew you to pursue your passion?

I have ALWAYS had a passion for the arts, so I've always known I would work with art in some compacity. I went to college and earned a bachelors in art and immediately after graduating, started teaching fine art in public schools. I love education, but I've also had a dream of becoming a full time artist and it wasn't until the past couple of years that I started pursuing my own voice as an artist. That road of self discovery isn't always easy though, but I have had many supporters over the course of my life who have encouraged me and believed in me. It's hard to put into words the strength of their effect on me, but it has pushed me to pursue my passion, and encouraged me to keep pushing through, even when the internal voices tell me I'm not good enough or that I should give it all up.

How do you manage your home life and work life?

Balance and flexibility! Just yesterday I told myself that I had to get some painting done for an upcoming show, but that was accomplished in between feeding kids, changing diapers, and keeping my eye on my mobile-get-in-to-everything almost 1 year old. In addition to being flexible and patient, I also focus on my priorities and the things that are important to me. Right now my priorities are my faith and family, art and self growth, and teaching.

How often do you paint?

I am a wife, mother to 5 children, a high school art teacher, and an artist. I'm finding this season of life that small moments can be just as meaningful and valuable because I cherish the time even more so. Would I love to devote myself to painting full time? Yes! But right now I commit time in the evenings after the household has settled down to bed and my husband is really supportive when I need extra time during the day to finish projects. I also make sure that the time I do spend creating is nourishing and purposeful!

What keeps you inspired?

Ugh! What doesn't inspire me?? There are so many things that touch my soul and my creative spirit. Ultimately it comes down to witnessing God's hand in the world around me. The beauty of his creation in nature, the love of family, witnessing communities come together for the good of others...I could go on and on. There is so much beauty and good in this world and I want my art to be a reflection of this.

How do you stay focused on producing work?

This has been something that has taken some time to develop. It took a while of experimentation and finding my "voice" to know what it was that I even wanted to produce. When I first started, I felt I had to fit some mold, or look at what was "popular" and emulate other's success. It

wasn't until I really reflected on my purpose that my art started to align with my own beliefs. Now that I am confident in why I create and what I create, I feel compelled to keep pushing forward. I find that making connections is another important influence on producing work, giving it a purpose in the community. My goal is to keep making connections and building relationships with my art!

What's one of your favorite Atlanta local spots to hang out at?

My first thought was "lol, I don't get out much!" A lot of what we do and where we go centers around family time and kid outings, but I do love to experience concerts, restaurants, state parks and gardens, antique markets and thrift shops! One of my favorite antique markets is Woodstock Antiques!

Thanks Christy for that insider look into your fun yet very busy life!! You can find her beautiful work here on Instagram and her website here. Please, check her out and spread the love!